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Celtics Blog

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Can Buy the Shoes from SATC, But Not the Book

Remember the book that plays a major role between Carrie and Big in the Sex and the City movie, Love Letters of Great Men? It's not a real book! They just invented it for the movie. (Much to the dismay of booksellers—they're been swamped with requests.)

Defeated Britney Spears Tells Us Where She'd Like to Be Buried

Poor, deep-fried, wistful tiny car driver (and, I suppose, musician) Britney Spears has chosen her burial plot. It's located in the bittersweetly named Hollywood Forever Cemetery. After hearing about Marilyn Monroe picking her own grave site, the singer wanted to follow suit and "when Britney saw Rudolph Valentino's grave at the cemetery she shrieked and said she wanted one." Though, she doesn't plan on going there anytime soon. "I'm going to live so I want to be brought to the Forever Cemetery when I'm 101," she said, with devastating optimism, to a pal. We like to imagine that the service, before she is entombed in Hollywood Forever, will consist of mournful piano renditions of her hit songs like "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" and "Lucky," while her two sons, wearing sailor costumes, slowly waltz.